Tangible Process,
Doesn’t Feel Like Work,
Designed to Bring Balance

Distractions are the Enemy of Deep Work.

In a world abuzz with constant demands and distractions, the pursuit of true productivity became an art form, a dance between intention and execution. It was in this symphony of aspirations that the Moost Planner emerged—a guiding beacon for achievers seeking mastery over their days.

“Productivity doesn’t mean busyness; it means producing valuable, meaningful work” Cal Newport.

Being productive isn’t merely about keeping busy or filling one’s schedule with countless tasks. Instead, it emphasizes the importance of generating outcomes that hold significance and contribute meaningfully to one’s goals or the world at large.

“Productivity is about doing the right things, not just doing things right” Tim Ferriss.

At its heart, Moost Planner embraced the philosophy that productivity wasn’t simply about doing more but about doing the right things. By prioritizing your tasks effectively, you can focus on what truly matters to you and let go of the noise that diluted their impact.

“Win the morning, win the day” Robinn Sharma.

Taking just 10 minutes each morning, Moost Planner gives you the ability in a way that aligns your actions with your goals and priorities. It’s during these initial moments that you establish a roadmap for your day’s activities. This short planning session allows you to gain clarity on what needs to be accomplished, prioritize tasks, and set the tone for how you intend to navigate your day.

Moost Planner is here to serve as a subtle nod to the world

Hi. I’m Mehdi. 

I am… I guess what you’d call… the “Founder” of Moost. Though, I don’t particularly love that nametag. You could say I once wore the hat of an Electrical Engineer, but now I prefer to don the cap of a designer, a digital marketer by choice, and an accidental entrepreneur by circumstance.

Moost, in many ways, is my beautiful accident …

The days were a chaotic blend of endless to-do lists. I was juggling two worlds – my former engineering career and my newfound passion for branding and digital marketing.

I can say that i take a slow and thoughtful approach to nearly everything in life, remembering that more isn’t always better. I tried many ways in hope to keep my professional and personal life balanced.

Thanks to the authors mentioned above, I’ve come to realize the immense importance of having a companion for not only planning my days, but also to evaluate and reflect on my core values, become more aware of my habits, and have a clear roadmap for my aspirations.

Built on Proven Productivity Concepts

Moost gathers true productivity principles into a simple, easy-to-use system.

About Moost Planner

Tangible Process

Imagine how fulfilling it is to see your dreeams taking shape. Seeing your progress build up over time is a powerful motivator

Effortless Routine

Moost Planner is so simple that it almost feels invisible. Dedicating 10 min is enough to set the tone for your days.

Designed to Bring Balance

More than just a planner. Moost is your Personal Mentor.

Challenge the traditional concept of work...

So, to the seekers of achievement and the architects of their destinies, Moost Planner extended an invitation—a chance to embrace the wisdom of the early hours, to wield the power of focus, and to craft each day as a masterpiece.

Your story begins here, and Moost is here to help you write it.

– Mehdi
Founder & Engineer

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