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“Moost Planner has changed the way i approach my work and personal life.”

S. Aymen

Introducing our Moost Planner Kit – your Productivity Booster toolkit to elevate your daily efficiency and well-being.

With Moost Planer Kit, you can :

  1. Effortlessly manage tasks and to-dos, prioritize your time, and stay focused on what truly matters with Moost Planner,
  2. Make your mark with the included branded Moost pen,
  3. Stay hydrated with Moost Stainless Steel water bottle,
  4. Track your progress with Moost Trackers that includes:
  • 1 x yearly plan,
  • 3 x monthly plans,
  • 12 x weekly plans,
  • 3 x habit trackers,
  • and 3 x “30-day challenge” trackers.

Moost Planner Kit – because when you have the right tools at your fingertips, achieving your goals becomes a breeze.

Made in Morocco 🇲🇦. Many copies been sold on amazon USA.

  • A5-sized handy planner: Designed for on-the-go organization.
  • 120 pages of functionality: Includes assessment pages for goal setting and reflection.
  • Elegant black matte premium cover: Practical with a touch of sophistication.
  • Moost Black matte pen: exudes confidence and professionalism .
  • 1 pack of trackers (22 sheets): 1 yearly plan, 3 monthly plan, 12 weekly plan, 3 30-days challenge, 3 habit trackers (15 weeks).
  • Stainless Steel Moost Water Bottle o.5 L: Eco-Friendly, Leak-proof, Easy to carry with you anywhere.

Made in Morocco 🇲🇦. Many copies been sold on amazon USA.

Nationwide 🇲🇦  Fast Shipping wherever you live.

100% Satisfied or Refunded.

Pay with Cash upon receiving your order


One Place, for all the Work

Manage your tasks, Prioritize your time, and visualize progress effortlessly.

moost planner

Because Success Begins Within

Get a deep understanding of yourself, your core values, your aspirations and your unique path in life

GRATITUDE assessment

& Personal Growth

Gratitude Assessment is the first exercise. It helps you recognize the beauty in everyday moments, strengthens our relationships, and fosters the sense of well-being.


A Profound Exercise
of Self-Reflection

This assessment encompasses multiple dimensions, including relationships & family, physical health, business & carrer, financial stability, mental well-being and lifestyle choices for a more balanced life.


Values: Your Navigation
System for Life

Start with a set of deep, thought-provoking that invites you to write down your initial thoughts, values and beliefs. It aligns your values with your grand vision.


A Blueprint for your Aspirations

Define 3 goals, become more aware of your habits and provide a clear roadmap to achieve a clear roadmap. you will find an example to guide you through the process.

The Easiest Layout Ever

Moost provides a simple system. Starting fresh with a new page helps you adjust to your changing priorities.

Step 1: Define

Define your goal and priorities of the day, and jot down all the tasks to do .

Step 2: Time-Block

Highlight dedicated time slots in your schedule for each step of your day.

Step 3: Track & Reflect

Track your progress throughout the day, & reflect on what you have accomplished.

the perfect kit

Moost Planner Kit

A secret kit Moroccan Achievers will never tell you about

moost planner kit
the perfect kit

Moost All-in-One

A secret kit Moroccan Achievers will never tell you about

moost planner kit

Why Moost Planner
Outperforms the Rest

Unparalleled Design and Functionality for Seamless Organization


Time-framed & Goal-Oriented

Unlike most planners, Our system centers on a 90-day challenge, fostering lasting change and habit formation.


Tangible, Easy, Brings Balance

Seeing your progress build up over time is a powerful motivator. Moost is so simple, focusing on building a Work-Life balance.

moost planner

Built on Proven Concepts

Moost unifies time-tested productivity principles into an effortless system, empowering you to achieve more, effortless.

moost planner

Real Impact, Success Stories

Moost Planner has already transformed the lives of countless individuals

Moost FAQ

What's included in Moost Planner Kit ?

Moost Planner Kit includes:

  • Moost Planner,
  • Moost stainless Steel Water Bottle,
  • Moost Black Matte Pen,
  • Moost Trackers.
What are the dimensions of Moost Planner ?

Moost Planner comes in a handy A5 Format (14.81 x 21 cm).

What's included in Moost Trackers ?

Moost Trackers has 22 sheets includes :

  • 1 x yearly plan overview
  • 3 x monthly plan ( 3 months )
  • 12 x Weekly plan ( 12 weeks )
  • 3 x Habit Trackers ( 15 Weeks )
  • 3 x 30-day challenge ( 3 months )


Does Moost Planner has pre-printed dates ?

No, all pages are undated, so you can use any time, any year.

Does Moost Planner include any goal-setting section ?

Yes. you have a whole "Habit and Goal Assessment" where you can set major goals, in a detailed guided process.

Is Moost Planner suitable for specific professions & goals ?

Moost Planner is suitable for all purposes. Whether you are a student, teacher, CEO, Engineer, or any other profession, Moost Planner is here to add Work-Life balance to your routines.

Can I get only the planner ?

Yes! you can order the Moost Planner only. Check the Shop page for more related items.

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  1. Fatine B.

    Un compagnon fiable pour ma journée. Sa structure claire m’aide à rester organisée et concentrée sur mes objectifs. Merci Moost !

    Image #1 from Fatine B.
  2. Mouad K.

    Just received my Moost Planner. Talking about assessments, there is a good attention to details, also design zwin. Thank you so much!

    Image #1 from Mouad K.
  3. Alaoui S.

    I really like it ❤️ Thank you !

    Image #1 from Alaoui S.
  4. Manaf Habiba

    نقدر نقوليكم بلي هو السر باش تنظمو حياتكم و تبدلوها للأحسن أروع برلانر تقدرو تاخدوه ❤️

  5. Maneel

    Shoutout to Moost Planner for being the coolest thing on my desk. It’s not just a planner; it’s like a friendly nudge to keep my life together. Love it!🫰🏻✨

    Image #1 from Maneel
  6. Hayat g

    Bien reçu !!! This is really un coup de coeur ❤️❤️❤️

    Image #1 from Hayat g
  7. nouhaila bou

    Moost planner has transformed my daily routine. Its tactile design encourages focused planning, I can have all my work and personal activities in one page. I will get one for my sister too ^^

    Image #1 from nouhaila bou
  8. Anass Talbi

    Un planner indispensable! Ce planner offre une expérience manuscrite enrichissante et une efficacité remarquable dans l’organisation quotidienne. Merci Beaucoup à l’équipe Moost !

    Image #1 from Anass Talbi
  9. Basma Lo.

    A vrai dire, je suis pas qlq li kikhdem b les planners bzaf, mais croyais moi, ta journée atbedel une fois you start planning your days. Moost est un planner bien pensé, ya pleinement de chose à faire avec c planner a part planification. Bravo!

    Image #1 from Basma Lo.
  10. Brahim Tijani

    this planner aligns perfectly with my methodology. Its tangible approach to goal setting and tracking enhances my daily productivity. Merci pour le Bookmark aussi <3 !

    Image #1 from Brahim Tijani
  11. Sofia Mota.

    Moost Planner become an essential part of my routine. Thank you so much ! im getting one for my bestfriend as well hhhh

    Image #1 from Sofia Mota.
  12. doae Sib.

    Highly efficient and beautifully designed!!

    Image #1 from doae Sib.
  13. salima hij.

    Mon quotidien est plus clair et plus productif grâce à ce planner.

  14. amin Ba.

    Le meilleur outil pour une productivité sans distractions numériques!

  15. Siham

    J’adore comment le journal m’aide dans la gestion de ma vie professionnelle et personnelle. Une strucure très claire et simple, un très beau design.
    Pour les entrepreneurs, et les managers je vous le recommande vivement.

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